AIMS-BIMTECH Doctoral Student Paper Competition


As a part of the Conference, we are organizing its tenth doctoral student paper competition.  Those who are either currently students or have recently completed their doctorate (2012 or later) are encouraged to participate in the Competition.

   The top three winners will be given citations/ certificates. The competition is sponsored by Birla Institute of Management Technology, Bhubaneshwar.


             For additional information, please contact:

                         Dr. Prithvi Yadav

                         Chairman, Doctoral Student Paper Competition

                         BIMTECH, Bhubaneshwar



The evaluation committee reserves the right not to give away all the awards if worthy papers are not received.


   Those who wish to compete must first submit an abstract following the process indicated in the Contributed Paper section and clearly indicate that the paper should be considered for the competition. Ideally, the paper should be a part of the doctoral dissertation work. Papers accepted for competition will be scheduled for presentation either on 21st or 22nd  December 2013. Each presenter will be given 20 minutes (15 for presentation and 5 for Q&A).    The full paper for the competition along with a one-page executive summary should be e-mailed to with copy to by November 15, 2013.


Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-10

January 1-4, 2013;   IIM Banglore

  • First Prize: Dr. Sudhir Rana, NIT, Hamirpur, "Investigation and Classification of International Marketing Process: A Literary Assessment"

  • Second Prize: Dr. Vinod Kumar Murti, GHS-IMR, "Comparison of Altman and Ohlson’s Bankruptcy Prediction Models in Indian Context"

  • Second Prize: Dr. Vivek Pandey,Michigan State University -"Analyzing Sustainability-performance Link in a Quasi-experimental Setup"

  • Third Prize: Dr. Rabindranath Bhattacharya , IIT, Madras "Profit optimization in a multi-stage remanufacturing closed loop supply chain"

  • Third Prize: Dr. Neetu Ganapathy, SDM IMD,"ERP System Selection by Small and Medium Enterprises: An Empirical Study"


Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-9

January 1-4, 2012;   FLAME Pune

  • First Prize: Ms. Sindhuja Parakkattu Narayanan, IBS Hyderabad - "Impact of Information Security Initiatives on Supply Chain Performance"

  • Second Prize: Dr. Bhagwan Jagwani, GHS-IMR, Kanpur -"Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in India by way of Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions"

  • Third Prize: Dr. Bhavesh Vanparia, Tolani Institute of Management Studies, Adipur - "An Analysis of Service Quality Formulation and its Measurement in India"

Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-8

January 1-4, 2011;   IIM Ahmedabad

  • First Prize: Mr. Ashwani Upadhyay, GLA University, Mathura and Dr. Tanuj  Nandan, MNNIT, Allahabad - "A Study on Predictors of Behavioral Intention to Adoption of Sales Technology"

  • Second Prize: Dr. Santanu Sinha, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai -"Modeling Supply-Chain Coordination under Diverse Settings"

  • Third Prize: Ms. Kuhali Mukherjee, ISM, Dhanbad, Prof. Mitali Sen, ISM, Dhanbad, Prof. J.K. Pattanayak, ISM, Dhanbad - "Framework for Extending Corporate Environmental Disclosure Practices in India"

Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-7

December 20-23, 2009;   IIM Bangalore

  • First Prize: Dr. Shamira Malekar, Institute of Management and Computer Studies, Mumbai -"Emotional Intelligence of School and Professional College Students: An Empirical Study"

  • Second Prize: Dr. E M Afsal, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala-"Information Content of Non-price Variables in the Options Market"

  • Third Prize: (a) Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad- "Optimizing Value in Indian Mobile Phone Handset Market: Conjoint Based Modeling Approach"
    (b) Dr. Harold Patrick, Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore -"Managerial Leadership Strategies and its Impact on Expression of Dissatisfaction in Information Technology Organizations"

Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-6

December 28-31, 2008;   Indian Business Academy, Greater Noida

  • First Prize: Dr. Shalini Dixit, GHS-IMR - Variation in Food Security in West Bengal and Jharkhand: An Empirical Analysis.

  • Second Prize: Ms. Rajaletchumie Senathiraja, University of Madras - External Environment, Corporate Entrepreneurship and its Outcome in Banks

  • Third Prize: Mr. Venkatachalapathi Nynaru, SVUCE,Tirupati - Simulation Regression Analysis for Consistent Decision for FMS Scheduling

Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-5

December 27-30, 2007;   ICFAI Business School Hyderabad

  • First Prize: Ms. T. M. Srithika, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras - "Training Interventions, Organisational Learning and Value Chain Progression"

  • Second Prize: Mrs. Shanthilakshmi S, S.V.I.T.M., Coimbatore - "Social Capital among Small and Medium Enterprises"

  • Third Prize: Mr. Chandrasekaran R, Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore - "Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma Implementation and the Impact of Operations Performance"

  • Third Prize: Ms. Annapoorna Gopal, Wipro Limited - "Impact of Learning Style and Teaching Methodology on the Learning Outcome of Engineering Students in India"

Winners of Doctoral Paper Competition at AIMS-4

December 28-31, 2006; IIM Indore

  • First Prize: Ms.  Arshinder kaur,  Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - "A Framework for Evaluation of Supply Chain Coordination using Contracts and Information Sharing"

  • Second Prize: Mr. Ashish Pandey, MDI Gurgaon - "Spiritual Climate of Workplace and its Impact on Customers' Service Experience"

  • Third Prize: Mr. Victor Anand, Pondicherry University - "E-marketing for Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises"


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