• AIMS-14: Fourteenth AIMS International Conference on Management will be organized at MICA, Ahmedabad during December 26-28, 2016 at Ahmedabad.

  • MyChapter: In order to carry out the activities of AIMS International widely as well as within the campuses of institutes, management institutes can create Institutional Chapters. While keeping the mission and vision of AIMS International in mind, an Institutional Chapter can perform activities like organizing regional conferences, expert talks, student competitions, social events, and publications.

  • MyConference: It is a proven fact that organizing and attending conferences helps scholars in learning, networking and knowledge sharing. In order to satisfy the vision with which AIMS International was established, we have organized several international conferences and developed contacts and expertise to support conferences organized by other institutes.


The members are invited to send their achievements to membership@aims-international.org for consideration. The sender should e-mail the nature of achievement in brief, along with his/her name, affiliation, e-mail, and phone contact. All postings will be kept for a period of three months


Business Schools are invited to contact info@aims-international.org for adding details of their institutes. Institutional members can also send details in required format to create their own institute page at the website of AIMS International.