Conference Theme

The last decade has produced a dramatic shift in the business environment from a regime of great moderation to great recession. The world is still recovering from the recession and uncertainty seems to be the new normal. Organizations operating in an uncertain environment have to not just mitigate losses but also find new opportunities. What are the management challenges while navigating organizations through periods of heightened risks? How can organizations leverage their strengths and uncover hidden opportunities in an uncertain environment? What are the lessons from the past decade that can enrich management thinking for the future? These are some of the questions that the theme encompasses. Therefore, the theme of the Seventeenth AIMS International Conference on Management (AIMS-17) is, "Management Challenges in Uncertain Environment."

AIMS-17 will provide the opportunity to discuss how organizations create and manage services along with the current trends of making these services efficient and effective. The conference will examine traditional service sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, retailing, government, information technology, education, energy, public utilities, transportation, tourism, financial systems, infrastructure, etc. It will also address service related issues in the manufacturing sector.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum that stimulates discussion on the conference theme and on topics related to the theme. The conference will also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst scholars from academia, industry and government. In addition to papers on the conference theme, scholars may submit papers on any aspect of the traditional disciplines of management such as accounting, marketing, economics, finance, OB, HRM, MIS, entrepreneurship, quantitative methods, operations, etc.


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