Conference Theme

Management Education: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities

Management education is now being increasingly called upon to create leaders who exhibit socially responsible behavior that at the same time adds value to corporate performance. Institutions developing our future manager-leaders are thus being forced to reflect on their program design and delivery methods in order to move beyond being mere technical entities.

Their products will not only have to be technically well prepared and competent but also better able to deal with the global canvas on which management and management education are coming to be played out: changing demographics, information technology and distributed services, issues of corporate governance and responsibility which are no longer confined to national boundaries, the environmental bottom-line in addition to the more traditional measures of performance—all these factors are shaping the emerging goal of management education and the responses of management education institutes. What will a new model of education in future? In evolving such a reformulated model of education, management education institutes have to (a) deal appropriately with their own need to grow and become sustainable, (b) align their curricula with future corporate and societal needs, (c) find and retain teaching resources, (d) respond to the quality assurance imperative that is being increasingly stressed by various stakeholders, and (e) provide the thought leadership that industry, governments and other policy professionals demand.

The purpose of AIMS-14 is to provide a forum that stimulates discussion on the conference theme and topics related with the theme. The conference will also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst scholars from academia, industry and government. In addition to papers on the conference theme, the scholars are also encouraged to submit papers on any aspect of management and technology such as accounting, marketing, finance, OB, HRM, MIS, quantitative methods, technology management, energy, operations, economics, entrepreneurship, etc.


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