Omprakash K Gupta, Ph. D.

University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, USA


Shivprakash Agrawal, Ph. D.

Parul University,

Vadodara, India



ISBN: 978-1-943295-02-9


Welcome to the Thirteenth AIMS International Conference on Management organized by AIMS International - The Association of Indian Management Scholars International and Indus Business Academy Bangalore. The conference is also supported by the International Forum of Management Scholars. The mission of Association of Indian Management Scholars International is to unify Indian management scholars to foster excellence in education and research, to advance knowledge, and support practice in all business and related disciplines. It organizes professional conferences, publishes a journal, and has embarked upon many other professional activities.


Corporations, Government and Society represent three fundamental forces that influence human beings and their aspirations. These forces are represented by Market, State and People and influence the Development of nations in variety of ways. Synergistic interplay of these forces leads to holistic development represented by a new development philosophy of ‘Collective development through collective energy’.